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Our exclusive Perfect Retirement Workshop focuses primarily on how to replace satisfactions lost from work. It is delivered through 8 videos covering the most important issues in the transition to retirement including, what will I do with myself?, what if my plans don’t work out?, when should I retire?, housing, marital and social relations, single in retirement, and more. The workshop modules can be completed alone or with your own group of friends, family, or associates. 

As a sample, here is Video 1. 


Unit 1: Introduction

Unit 2: New Perspective

Unit 3: Life Goal Planning

Unit 4: Life Goal Assessment

Unit 5: Decision to Retire, Working, Volunteering

Unit 6: Spousal Relations, Single, Housing

Unit 7: Financial Planning with a Dash

Unit 8: Wrap-up

“Very easy to understand. Relatable to those re-tired and those who have not quite re-tired.
Lots of information to continue looking over to better equip for re-tirement!”


The Perfect Retirement Workbook is an excellent resource to use alongside the e-learning modules, or as a stand alone tool. This will be your go-to guide as you transition into retirement. The workbook is full of resources, including the experiences and advice from the 2200 retirees in our survey. Your membership includes the complete 200 page workbook and it is available through an on-site flipbook, or downloadable epub and mobi formats. A softcover edition can be orderd through most online bookstores. You can sample the Introduction and Chapter 1, below.



Part 1: The Key to Retirement Happiness

1. Fixing a Hole (The Beatles) Updating the image of retirement and introducing ‘re-tire’ with a dash.

2. Do You Want to Know a Secret? (The Beatles) Money alone will not guarantee retirement happiness. The secret lies in how you will be spending your time.

3. Ticket To Ride (The Beatles) Overview of Life Goal Planning.

4. A Hard Day’s Night (The Beatles) Working in Retirement. It’s not just about money.

5. (Money) Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles) Life Goal and financial planning complement and work in parallel with changes in one influencing changes in the other.

6. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (The Lovin’ Spoonful) The decision to retire involves more than money.

7. When I’m Sixty-Four (The Beatles) There is a commonly held but false connection between aging and retirement. This chapter includes a strong argument to redress this potentially self-fulfilling prophecy.

8. With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles) Spousal relationships and being single in the transition to retirement.

9. Our House (Graham Nash) This is not just a real estate issue, but a concern with replacing satisfactions lost from work in the context of the housing decision.

Part 2 / Self-Help Life Goal Planning Workshop

Workbook Sample

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“The Perfect Retirement” is an easy read with exercises designed to help a person find and create new activities, based on skills, needs, and leisure habits. I have read it and am eagerly awaiting my retirement in a few short months”

Article Database

We have spent years creating a database of articles focusing on the lifestyle side of retirement. These articles do not always agree with each other, nor do we necessarily think they tell the whole story, but they are selected because each adds an important voice to the discussion. You will receive the latest articles in your email, you can filter articles by catagory and leave comments.

Here is an example:

“I am so relieved to have found this. The Perfect Retirement workshop and workbook material has been an essential part of my retirement planning process and I refer to it on a regular basis.”